How to Put Portals On Your PSP

Putting a portal on your psp can be very tricky if you don't know the URL to type in on your psp browser. So before you start this tutorial make sure you know the URL to type in usually you will be told it in the READ-ME file.

Step 1) First Locate the portal you would like to have on your psp and download it.
Step 2) Once you have downloaded the psp portal to your computer, extract it.
Step 3) Plug the USB cable into your psp and then insert it into a spare usb port on your pc and on your psp scroll to settings -> usb connection.
Step 4) On your computer click start then click my computer. You should now see a device called psp in this section right click it and select open.
Step 5) Now this is where you put your psp portal. So locate the extracted psp portal and copy paste it into this section.
Step 6) Once the portal has finished copying over to your psp safely disconnect your psp from your computer.
Step 7) Now on your psp scroll to your web browser and delete all the cookies and cache, now restart your psp.

Hope this tutorial has helped you, if you require anymore help please feel free to ask!

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Anonymous said...

thank you very much for the portals! hope add another link on the others and add any portals :D