Xbox 360 PSP Portal

Xbox 360 PSP Portal
Developer: X-Boy
Source: Playstation Forums
Language: English

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Download: Media Fire

How to Install A PSP Portal:

Download the psp portal using the link above

Conect your PSP to your computer

Extract the Portal Folder into the root folder of your psp

Unlplug your psp from your computer.

On your PSP go to your web browser and enter the URL of the psp portal (which should be in the instructions downloaded with the psp portal!

Portal Screenshot's:


mind contol said...

portal doesn't appear right on my psp (light/slim whatever it's called) it just appears in a veriacal list

Anonymous said...

hi every one i am anthony and i made a newer version of pspwvista which is 3.00 pplease contact me at to get download

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