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I Phone PSP Portal
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How to Install A PSP Portal:

Download the psp portal using the link above

Conect your PSP to your computer

Extract the Portal Folder into the root folder of your psp

Unlplug your psp from your computer.

On your PSP go to your web browser and enter the URL of the psp portal (which should be in the instructions downloaded with the psp portal!)

Portal Screenshot's:


the cardboard one said...

If this blog is even active anymore, I am just about to release a new portal. I wanted to know if you would put a link to it on this blog. To get the portal for the blog, or if your just an individual who wants it, email me at jakehambey@gmail.com.

CAFcorey said...

hay please will you put this brand new portal on your site i just made it and it is 100% virus free it is called the caf portal V1.0 the link to download it is http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Q5UH07AT
please email me back at caf11koo@hotmail.com

Liam Allan said...

Hi i was just on google and i stumbled across this i was just wondering if you could place a link to my blog http://pspportalz.blogspot.com/ where the portals are all up and running and no need to install onto your psp

Thank you